About Us

GUD was born on the east coast of Australia, after summers of needing something more from our swimwear. Timeless designs that make you feel and look your best all summer long.

Feel GUD

Living in Bondi and Gold Coast, the beach lifestyle is an every-day for us. As young women, we couldn’t help but notice the pressure we were all putting on ourselves to look a certain way in our swimwear, often idolising doctored images and bodies that weren’t really real themselves.
We create swimwear that makes women of every shape and size feel GUD.

Look GUD

Luxe quality, timeless designs, we create swimwear that will look GUD summer after summer. Our pieces will quickly become the core of your swimwear collection, with flattering colours, textures and designs.


It’s difficult to know you’re making a sustainable choice, in a world of greenwashing. We were sick of spending money on swimwear branded eco-friendly as nothing more than a publicity move.We aren’t perfect, but every choice we make considers environmental impact. Our swimwear is made, and lined with between 78% and 89% recycled materials, without compromising on luxury quality. Our mailers, hygiene liners and tags are compostable and our garment bags dissolve in hot water and can be used to feed your plants!